Suggestions for Editing Software?

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Suggestions for Editing Software?

Post by saffieb »


I’m getting back into AMV creating after a small hiatus, and I need to update my software. I’ve been using Vegas 14 Pro, but the preview screen keeps lagging no matter what I do. So I think I need a change.

My budget would probably be $200 on the high end, but I’d like to stay below that. All suggestions are appreciated 💜

(Unless you can tell me how to fix the lag- that would be fantastic!)
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Re: Suggestions for Editing Software?

Post by basharoftheages »

If you're comfortable with Vegas, it looks like they're up to version 21 now. Maybe try one of the newer releases?
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Re: Suggestions for Editing Software?

Post by LantisEscudo »

Newer versions of Vegas may be your best option, but a lot is going to depend on your computer as well. If you don't have a decent processor, a fast storage drive, and a good amount of RAM, video editing is going to lag no matter what program you use.

If you want to change from Vegas, Davinci Resolve has a free option. Most of the features in the paid version aren't ones you'd need for editing AMVs, but it's also not the easiest program to learn, and has a number of technical quirks you'd need to be comfortable working around.

Kdenlive is also free (and open source), but its feature set lags behind the other options a bit and the UI also takes some getting used to.

Adobe is out of your budget, so I won't say any more about it here.
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