Hotel rooms?

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Hotel rooms?

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I apologize if this question is a bit presumptuous considering we haven't heard anything definitive about 2022 yet. But, Anime Boston is my home con, my first con, and I've been to every single one. So with that said normally my friends and I go in on a suite. This year I'm bringing my fiancé and we're getting our own room and it's been years since I've utilized the con block. I was curious if anyone had a rough idea or even best guess as to when con blocks would open up at the Sheraton for Reservation, as I assume NEAS is moving foward under the impression that 2022 is still a go. I'm currently deployed, so my Fiancé is handling the room reservations, so any information is super helpful! And as always, thank you so much to staff and volunteers for everything you do and have done for us
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Re: Hotel rooms?

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EyesOfDeath88: Great username! ^_^
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Re: Hotel rooms?

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I was actually just wondering this question myself. I saw Otakon is posting/Opening their hotel rates on Monday 11/29/2021. Technically the last update did say hotels will go up in "November" so there are a few more days they could go up. But will AB tweet/IG about the tentative day for us to look out for the hotel blocks to go up?

If negotiations are still on going with the con blocks or even internally with the con then that's cool too, it would just be nice for an update. <3
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