Editing and Rendering Assistance PLEASE!

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Editing and Rendering Assistance PLEASE!

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For some reason I always get mixed up when I get to the technical jargon with these.

I'm using the DGIndex to switch my clips from .vob to .d2v then to .avi with VirtualDub. I've adjusted the frame rate to 23.976. How do I alter the frame size from 720x480 to match the required 1280x720 or 960x720? And how do I make sure the Codecs and audio sampling rate is correct? (I also have some clips that aren't even 720x480-..they're squared off instead of rectangular...how do I change them without stretching them out?)

I need to use an older version of Vegas Movie studio (Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0) and I can never get it rendered properly because the technical properties don't match up, so when I try to make a custom template when rendering, it says that it's not compatible. It also tends to lag as I go through to make changes.

Would anyone be willing to go through a step-by-step process from DGIndex to rendering with me to make sure I do it right this time? Or is there anywhere I can find a template or guide? I don't want to be a burden, but I'm really getting annoyed with all of my screw ups.

(I’ve also been thinking about making an MMV...anyone know where I can find a ‘how-to’ on that?)

Thanks bunches
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