Disney Through AMVs 2018 Playlist

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Disney Through AMVs 2018 Playlist

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Sorry it took me awhile guys.

1.) Ouran Host Club Welcomes You! by Hagaren Viper (Song used: Be Our Guest)
2.) Gospel Truth by NekokitKat (Song Used: The Gospel Truth pt 1)
3.) Touch The Sky by xAzureEka (Song Used: Touch the Sky)
4.) To Be King by Rider4Z (Song Used: Be Prepared)
5.) This Is Halloween HD Remake by Hagaren Viper (Song Used: This is Halloween)
6.) Stella De Vil by Angelyco (Song Used: Cruella de vil)
7.) Disastrous Djinn by Kireblue and CodeZTM (Song Used: Friend Like Me)
8.) Bros on the Slope by Camichan19 (Song Used: You've Got A Friend In Me)
9.) Ponyo Under the Sea by EimiJ7 (Song Used: Under The Sea)
10.) Really Bad Eggs by Rider4Z (Song Used: Yo-Oh A Pirate's Life for Me & He's a Pirate)
11.) Be A Man by NightHawk (Song Used: I'll Make A Man Out Of You)
12.) Life is a Highway by Vej (Song Used: Life is a Highway)
13.) God Help The Sohmas by hamstar138 (Song Used: God Help The Outcasts)
14.) Can You Feel the Love Tonight by VicBond007 (Song Used: Can You Feel The Love Tonight)
15.) A Wonderous Place by Mozeychan (Song Used: A Whole New World)
16.) Recordarme, Violeta by hamstar138 (Song Used: Remember Me)
17.) Pete's Dragon Maid by TnAdct1 (Song Used: Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You Too) )
18.) Love Is An Open Door by Miracle_Falcon (Song Used: Love Is An Open Door)
19.) The Confession by GuntherAMVs (Song Used: I Won't Say I'm In Love)
20.) Maya and Company by Kireblue (Song Used: You and Me Together)
21.) Lift Your Spirits by Jazzy (Song Used: Son of Man)
22.) After Today by Cirera (Song Used: After Today)
23.) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious B*tch by Jwalk0's (Song Used: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
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