2017 Artists Alley Official Feedback Thread

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2017 Artists Alley Official Feedback Thread

Post by Tuberat » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:41 pm

Hi everyone!!!

whew! I have a severe headache. i'm sitting in Hall C, waiting for the last of the artists to be done...

So there were some changes this year. one of the big ones, internal to Artists Alley and not the con in general, was the map. I wonder what you all thought of that? I was concerned about the 2 blocks in the back end being split up to give us more tables and block areas and less traffic space - how did that work for those of you over there?

Okay so, um, in general, i don't think i heard too many complaints this year? So things must have run as smoothly as they possibly could (given that nothing ever runs completely smooth) and that makes me happy! :D

On the staff end we did have a few problems. I found the room was too cold, and no easy water access stations. but we never get those so...I dunno anymore.

We had to ask quite a few sellers to take down their stickers and washi tape. May i please point you all at the <a href="http://www.animeboston.com/artists/arti ... ey_faq/#17"> FAQ - section 17: What you can and can't sell (and why)</a>

Most everyone we had to talk to was very cooperative and understanding and we thank you all for that. I know things can be frustrating sometimes and communication is always key for fixing issues.

Security - i think, ran much smoother and faster this year. i certainly only heard one thing and that is a big leg up from last year.

I feel like i'm missing something - these are usually much longer. Feel free to add to this - and this thread is for the convention itself, and how things ran and how they went for you during con, please.

Congratulations on surviving another con! hope it went well...hope you all got yourself one of those buttons for surviving the false fire alarm. A friend got me mine and i'm just very glad it was false and we did NOT have to evacuate the building (my heart was in my throat and i'm sure it was in yours as well). but it certainly did NOT help the near constant headache i had all weekend.

Thanks for coming! Hope to see you all next year. I think the battery is gonna die - so, signing off - please leave your own thoughts behind - both good and bad. *crosses fingers*
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Re: 2017 Artists Alley Official Feedback Thread

Post by Mirotic » Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:54 pm

I loved Artist Alley this year.
  • Great artists
  • Excellent floor plan
  • Awesome job of keeping security out of the way and that entrance was 10/10
My one complaint would be lack of staffers keeping certain walkways clear. Some people just...stop dead in the center (whether it be to look at art or take a picture). I just wish there was just a tiny bit more of "can you please keep moving sir", especially when people just stop to talk and have a long conversation.

Other than that, I honestly wouldn't change a thing!
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