Most embarrassing moment of this year?

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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by DuckTapeBunny »

"Lina...your capes stuffed into the back of your pants..." In an undignified Steve urkleish manner. "._.
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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by coffeecake »

I wouldn't call this embarrassing, more like funny at my expense.

My friend was dressed as Kikyo and I was a kimono girl. Well my friend randomly ran off to ask someone for a picture and here I am runshuffling after her wailing "I can't run in these things! >.<"

Run? I could barely walk in those sandals! My feet and legs were so sore afterward I didn't bother wearing my costume the rest of the con Q_Q
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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by Rukeya »

I was cosplaying Ulquiorra: being followed by people trying to persuade me to smile and having to refuse a request to be kissed (I blamed the face paint).
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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by Phantom 1 »

Having to ask Remi Mimura for change.


God D**&^ it I finally get the chance to talk to a Japanese pop idol and all I can say is "You got change?" Well at least I got her CD. :p
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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by FYDave »

Hm... probably being convinced that walking around the convention without a shirt on was some how a good idea and then having girls ask if they could have hugs or pictures with me simply because I was Asian.

I didn't quite know how to take it.
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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by BrookeAnn »

[color:green]Not having an ID when picking up my badge (I was pre-reg) and having to take out my purple cat wallet which had a note saying "RETURN LOST WALLET TO BROOKIE COOKIE" from third grade. It had a drooling smiley face drawn on it. The lady doing registration laughed until she had tears in her eyes and let me though. Bringing my school ID this year...[/color]
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Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by DattebayoxNaruto9 »

>__< *shudders* i saw a sasuke walking by and i asked if i could hug him. he said yea and wen i hugged him i said "i love u sasuke!" and he was like what? so i said it again and he was like..oh no im not sasuke im madara Dx
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Re: Most embarrassing moment of this year?

Post by HeyThere »

So it's 2011 now but I still remember the horror of being dropped off at the con. Normally I go with friends for the entire con but 2010 I could only go one day so I had my parents drop me off (they're pretty cool about my going to conventions and cosplaying). So we were pulled up outside the Sharaton and my parents and two younger siblings were looking around at the cosplayers in the streets. They said the costumes were neat and that some of the wigs were really vibrant. While I was saying my last goodbyes (still in our car) a Mew Ichigo cosplayer decided to fix her boots or something, as she bent down her tail caught her skirt and gave my entire family a crystal clear view of her tiny panties. My sisters broke out into peels of laughter and "ewwws" and my parents just looked at me with horrified expressions. As soon as the Mew Mew had walked off I got out of the car, said goodbye, and walked toward the revolving doors, my face was probably as pale as the white lace on my lolita dress. I thought 2010 would be my last con, thank goodness they didn't see a Yoko or it might have been. Anime cons are not places one should allow their parents... ever.
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