Cosplayers Invade Boston Vol.4 (Pedestrian Reactions)

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Cosplayers Invade Boston Vol.4 (Pedestrian Reactions)

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While walking in the mall with my twin [who was Axel] These kids saw us. One screamed Axel and tackled her down then the other squealed Zexion and started hugging me o.O; The parents were like hissing at us when they came over x.x; I felt a tad bit awkward with a child who looked 5 hugging me xD and the other who might have been 7 sitting on my twin xDDDD
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Cosplayers Invade Boston Vol.4 (Pedestrian Reactions)

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[quote=Kristi]Haha, similar stuff happened to my friend. She was Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and as we were walking to registration on Saturday past the street, some guy in a car honked at us, though I think he was honking at her. Then we were waiting on the street corner for our friends to show up and while on the curb, this pedestrian who walked by did a double take. So many must've thought she was a pros LOL

In our group there was also an Allen Walker, some guy on the street looked at her really suspiciously haha.

OMG LOL not really a pedestrian reaction but at like 9 pm on Saturday (all of this happened on Saturday) Jill went to a Resident Evil shoot. Me, my Allen and Kanda were just sitting off the side. Kanda climbs up on this big pot planter thing outside infront of the naked statue guy and I was pretending to climb up at, as we're taking the pic this cop comes up and goes "HEY! You guys gotta get down. This isn't Russia." LMAO. We were all like, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"[/quote]

There was this video of a Russian man who climbed a huge statue while drunk and fell off and broke an arm or something. The clip was featured on TV, that's probably what he was talking about.
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Cosplayers Invade Boston Vol.4 (Pedestrian Reactions)

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This didn't happen to me, but it was a true CMOH. I'm walking through the mall, and I see a family of Japanese tourists getting their picture taken with Link and Zelda.
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