Anyone coming up from NY? (Ride/carpool)

Save some gas money, save the world. Find a friend and share a ride to Boston.
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Anyone coming up from NY? (Ride/carpool)

Post by nazo400 »

Hello, I'm on the fence for either driving up from NY (Jamaica/long island area) or car pooling w someone also goin up.

Goin up Thursday and coming back Monday

If pick up/ride:
Prefer outside NYC area or Jamaica station
Would have at least 2 suitcases don't have any big cosplay items besides maybe a poster I wanna get rid of at swap

If carpool:
Would hopefully be leaving by around 12/noon or 1pm from NY area.
I have a Kona Sportage so midsize SUV.
Asking at least $20 if round trip to chip in for gas.
Would be parking about 7-8 min walk from Pru.
Leaving Boston around noon coming back.
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Re: Anyone coming up from NY? (Ride/carpool)

Post by Jack »

I have two friends who live in NY one from Jamaica Queens area who would love to get a ride up. They both can chip in for gas and pay $20 each for gas money. You would be greatly helping them out!
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