Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

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Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by ForestHolmes »

What do you think is the best Pokémon game? For me its Pokemon leaf green as it has the best of all the Pokémon games rolled into a single one. The only one that comes close is Pokemon Fire Red. What are your thoughts? Share your favorites too!
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by Ficus »

Hi ForestHolmes, welcome to the Anime Boston forums. I thought you'd be able to find more interested parties in the Video Game section of the forums, rather than the general questions sub-forum, so your thread was moved.

That said, while I loved playing LeafGreen since it was a nice return to Kanto, I love the Aloha region too much and gotta say my favorite game in the main series so far is Pokemon Moon. I loved breaking the mold of gyms, and the different islands offered lots of different terrain to explore.
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So many to choose from!

Post by KQBeans »

It’s so hard to choose, because they all end up having their own unique charms, flaws, and high points, but I’d have to say my personal favorites are Pokemon Crystal, Black/White, ORAS, Sun/Moon, and parts of Sword/Shield.

The environments just keep getting more and more lovely to explore in. I also like the complexity of personality and the designs that the trainers are getting. Some of the pokemon designs are baffling, but it’s nice to see a wide range of types.
I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Pokemon Legends: Arceus and future games bring.
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by TheSlipperySlope »

Shin Megami Tensei is my favorite Pokémon game
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by VergilSparda »

I agree. SMT is the best Pokémon game. /j

In all seriousness, I believe Pokémon Black/Black 2 are the best games.
My evidence? It’s the only Pokémon games I’ve completed. Therefore they are the best.
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