Pale makeup noob questions

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Pale makeup noob questions

Post by Shiki » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:44 pm

As you can see from this image ... _kaiki.png Kaiki, whom I wish to cosplay as, has a bit of pallor. I'm considering makeup to myself paler (like how people do cheap vampire costumes at Halloween). Of course, if it's too much trouble, I might just skip it, but I would like to explore my options. First of all, should I buy it ASAP or closer to convention time? In other words, even in its bottle or however it's packed, is there any chance of it drying up before the next AB?

Secondly, from past cons, I notice that the air at the convention center is rather humid (probably from the mass of people), would putting on makeup increase my own temperature even further, or can my skin breath just fine with it? Obviously, people with more experience with this kind of stuff would consider both questions rather nooby, but first time for everything and all that.

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Re: Pale makeup noob questions

Post by runicmagitek » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:10 pm

There are two approaches you could do with this. The first is to use face/body paint to get the exact color. I've done this a bunch of times whenever I cosplay as Midna and it's worked great. You're going to want to find one that works well for you and your skin and needs. I prefer Mehron Paradise, which is a water-activated cake make-up. You spritz it with some water and use either a sponge or a brush to get some pigment and then apply it to wherever. You also want to apply it in light layers until you get the color you want. It usually takes me 3-4 layers, waiting ten minutes in between applications for it to dry (having a hand fan also helps speed up the process!). You just have to be super careful and not apply it while a layer is still drying or else the make-up can come right off. Top it off with a finishing spray and that can last hours. Washes off with water. I've done this for AB multiple times and even in Hotlanta for DragonCon and had zero issues.

Another option is if you take regular, liquid foundation and add colored eye shadows to get the lighter tint you're going for (maybe in this case it's like, white and purplish grey?). I've only done tests of this and haven't done a full cosplay with this technique, but I know people who have done this when they want more of a tint and not like, one flat color for their whole face. You just take liquid foundation and mix it with eye shadows until you get a desired color.

I cannot stress enough that the sooner you can buy these products and test them, the better. It took me 3 test runs at home before I was comfortable with doing my Midna make-up the day of the con. Give yourself time to figure out what works for you. Plus, you don't know how your skin will react to a thing you're not used to using. For Mehron Paradise in particular, I bought my thing back in early 2016, have done Midna roughly 4 times, and I have enough left for probably 2 more goes. I don't overheat, so I've never experienced my temperature increasing due to make-up. I do know my skin can get on the oily side and the Mehron Paradise is on the dryer side for make-up, so it works great for me. I know some people who said it felt like their face was cracking when it actually wasn't just because of the drying effect.

I hope that helps! Best of luck :D
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Re: Pale makeup noob questions

Post by Hati » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:46 pm

I would say now is the best time to buy the products as Halloween is around the corner. If you need Body Paint A LOT more stores are going to carry it now then in January. If you are going the make up routine then you can experiment with different makeups. Like do you want to add pigments to foundation or blend a custom foundation? (like taking two similar formulas and blending them together.) There are a lot of youtube tutorials for the second option.

With things like this is best to start early and know how the product will apply/look on you before you get to the con. When I first started cosplaying I did Tsurara Oikawa (the snow woman from Nurarihyon No Mago) and did not do a make up test before the con, well... the foundation oxidized on my skin about 3 hours in and I had a slight orange tint. Thankfully I had a makeup wizard with me who help correct the corrected the oompa loompa issue.

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Re: Pale makeup noob questions

Post by Shiki » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:44 pm

Assuming that delivery time is reasonable, is there any real difference between buying it in-person and ordering it online? Unlike clothing, I doubt that stores would allow you to "try it on" before buying it.

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Re: Pale makeup noob questions

Post by MomoMiraculous » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:24 pm

Shiki wrote:
Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:44 pm
Assuming that delivery time is reasonable, is there any real difference between buying it in-person and ordering it online? Unlike clothing, I doubt that stores would allow you to "try it on" before buying it.
Actually, if you go to places like Sephora or Ulta, they DO let you try it on to see how you like it. Sephora is a bit more accommodating to requests so if you asked them for recommendations for getting a certain tone, they'd be more than happy to make suggestions. Obviously, if it's busy, they won't be able to go into great detail about things, but they can definitely let you try it on.
This is all assuming, of course, that you're doing to foundation approach and not the face/body paint approach. There's no real way to sample face/body paint that I'm aware of.
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