Instrumental AMVs Playlist

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Instrumental AMVs Playlist

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This is not in the order we played the videos during the panel.

1.) Spotlight by Laxx
2.) We Two by Moonpie
3.) My Neighbor Figaro Kun by nicolio1313
4.) Illuminations I: Reflections of a Goddess by norskotaku
5.) Kaikiphony by Iren S.S.
6.) Married Life by AngelDragoon
7.) Cry of the Resolute Soul by Tryflager
8.) Vetus Memoria by Cheis106
9.) That Day by Kroner -AMV-
10.) Homura In Wonderland by Disengager
11.) Nuvole d'Oceano by osnar
12.) Dentelle by Iren S.S.
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