Something I just realized

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Something I just realized

Post by Fetch »

I didn't see nor hear anything about 'Catch the Barrel' during AB 2017.
Did it not happen, or did I happen to simply miss it?
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Re: Something I just realized

Post by Old_School_Anime_Lover02 »

that would be part of cosplot, and they didn't mention that during the masquared, though i did see one floating about, there were also people cosplaying as "trash" bins so...i mean it could have been around, we just didn't see it.
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Re: Something I just realized

Post by ksmurf »

"Catch the Barrel" is determined by the Cosplot Coordinator, usually to introduce a random element into the cosplot events (i.e. winning team gets a bonus during chess). This year, it was determined that the barrels were not needed. Maybe next year!
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