Tragedy Looper

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Tragedy Looper

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Tragedy Looper is a board game by the Japanese designer BakaFire, that's basically like Higurashi/Umineko in game form. Each time you play with a unique script, run by a Mastermind against 1-3 protagonists. The Mastermind knows all the script's secrets, while the protagonists know nothing...and will definitely die! Every time the protagonists lose, though, they get to loop back in time and try again from the start, with more knowledge each time. It's a really unique game of deducting and bluffing.

I'll be bringing my copy, and hoping to run a game through however the game room's sign-ups work. I've also created a custom expansion based on the visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni, with custom scripts, character cards, and locations, which I'd love to test out!
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Re: Tragedy Looper

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wow impressive
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