Super short notice friend adventure!

If you need a room or a ride, this would be the place to make a new friend. Please note that this is NOT a place to discuss anime in general. In addition, this is NOT a relationship or solicitation forum, either.
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Super short notice friend adventure!

Post by Roggle » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:59 pm

Hello you. Yes, you right there. I figured this year I would get myself out there and make a few new friends. I usually stick with the friends I travel to the con with ( I still will ) but this year I would like to meet some new faces that are fun and possibly weird. We will go on some wonderful adventures. What type of adventures you ask? Well, I think I see a list just below this sentence.

-Walking around the con and having a grand old time.
-Playing multiplayer games on the 3DS or in the Video Game room. Smash Bros and Mario Kart mostly on the 3DS.
-Playing board games! I would enjoy this very much!
-Singing songs as we walk around ( I am not that good of a singer, but I will sing nevertheless ).
-Sudden mini dance parties in a safe place and not in the way.
-Art jamming. I plan to carry a small sketchbook to doodle in. If you want to draw with me, JUST DO IT!
-Tell each other stories. What better way to break the ice than to tell new people interesting or silly stories about yourself. Am I right? High five!
-Sitting around. I know this is not much of an adventure but we will get tired. Sitting and relaxing for a bit will recharge us.
-And helping with pictures. We can help one another in taking pictures. Perhaps you want to be in said picture but don't want to hold the camera. BAM! There is a helpful hand. I know I would like some help with pictures. My plan is to bring a bunch of sunglasses and take "cool" pictures of cosplayers and regular con goers.

That is only the start of it. I could think of more, but I am fine with that list for now. Send a message my way on here or through my Facebook. If you want to find me at the con I will sometimes be traveling with my friend Jafar or I will be the person with sunglasses affixed to his person. I hope to see some new and old faces this Anime Boston. This year's con will be quite fun regardless of the outcome.

Have a joyous Anime Boston everybody!

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