What did you buy/get?

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What did you buy/get?

Post by kateison »

Bought (D.R.)
BLEACH Poster - Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya
BLEACH Doujinshi (<3)
BLEACH T-shirt - Ichigo, Renji
D.Gray Man Vol. 1-3
Manga Drawing Paper

Bought (A.A.)
1 bookmark
2 mini prints
2 large (11x17) prints
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What did you buy/get?

Post by Yammark »

[quote=Yammark]Orphen vol. 4-6
1 Sonic poster
1 Guilty Gear poster
3 Sonic comics
4 Amy Rose Commisions
1 Kid Goku Commision
5 Pieces of random art
and the rest is my secret, but thats about it.[/quote]
Oh I forgot, 200 experience points
4 gold colored peices,
Feat gained - Memories... it's mainly for story telling, but in an emergency can be used to defeat a dire fanboy.
and a stat bonus: +5 in free love :3
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What did you buy/get?

Post by Lathrine »

Jing: King of Bandits vol. 1-7, plus the first three of Twilight Tales
A Kirara plushie
A Winry plushie
Roxas action figure
KHI Riku action figure (who's so buff he can't hold his sword ;D)
Aaaand an adorable chibi Togetic plushie. :'D
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What did you buy/get?

Post by Polarbeargirl »

[quote=Knave][quote=Spike Spiegel]This is the stuff I bought.

A new Inuyasha bag which I gave to someone.
A Death Note Bag
An Atasuki (That black and red coat)
A t-shirt that says "Do not meddle in the
affairs of dragons."
The Anime Boston water bottle

Also I found $20 in the dealers room Saturday morning, and I gave it to security. [/quote]

Ahh, you are a far more honorable man/woman than I am.
I sure hope you're not the one who stole all my money from my yellow wallet. D8
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What did you buy/get?

Post by ninja_girl21 »

i didnt get too much which is odd i nomrally the type to buy alot in cons. but this year only had 200 on me food and let see wanted pocky and stuff. plushes cute stuff i found shirts. i got the manga i wanted two shirts spend much time in artist alley and not much shorting threw the dealres room damn.
i been going to anime boston since 2004
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What did you buy/get?

Post by True Kira »

I arrived on Friday with an empty suitcase and left Sunday with it overflowing.
These are just some of the things I got:
1) Arena 37 magazines (at least seven)
2) Cure magazines
3) Shoxx magazine
4) Wallflower vol 16-18
5) several screen tones
6) Soul Reaver (PS game)
7) 3 'Let's Draw Manga' books

I also got several DVD's, movies, and manga for free...gotta love Sunday sales.
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What did you buy/get?

Post by TheNintendOtaku »

Lets see, A Pascal (Animal Crossing) plushie, an Onigiri (Mangacandy) plushie, a blue slime (Dragon Quest) plushie, and from "The Best D.Gray Man Panel you will EVER attend" I got a free degree in Timcanpology ^^
I've been attending since AB 2009! You can find me on Twitter or Backloggery as TheNintendOtaku.
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What did you buy/get?

Post by I r Legend »

This year I didn't have much money so all I really got was:

A Godzilla t-shirt.
a MUCC shirt (J-Rock band)
and a CD by the band the Underneath (album: Moonflower)

I look forward to 2010 because then I'll hopefully have a better time dancing around the dealers room and getting plenty of goodies.
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What did you buy/get?

Post by animewingsmom »

Wow hmm.....this year I bought.....

loveless (comp. series)
Gravitation (comp. series)
Utawareroumono (comp. series)
The Wallflower (comp. series)
Gilgamesh (comp. series)
The girl that lept through time
Beck (last 2 volumes)

Numerous incredible items from artist alley.....

and bought my daughter 40 manga titles

and of course an AB tshirt....cup....keychain....pin.....and leftover AB stuff from previous years.

Yeah....pretty much I work all year just to get to tax time and then spend my entire tax refund check on AB....absolutely LOVE it!!!!

BRING ON AB 2010!!!!!!!
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What did you buy/get?

Post by yunaofparadise »

Comapre to most of you guys I was cheap. I bought

A Final Fantasy small figure. The ones in those boxes
Two Sailor Moon keychain figures, Usagi and Tuxedo Mask.
A Vampire Knight Cell phone chain.
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What did you buy/get?

Post by Endsong »

Collectively, probably spent over 2,000$ (with the discounts!) in Manga & Anime at the vendors. Brought home about 4 boxes of manga - it was heavy carrying it all to the parking lot :laugh:
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What did you buy/get?

Post by aryXbea »

Ton of Manga and a Squishable Cow.
Wrecked apart the artist alley, it was FAB last year!
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What did you buy/get?

Post by Phantom 1 »

Too much. Still suffering from economic backlash. -____-
Pratty Matty
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What did you buy/get?

Post by Pratty Matty »

- A pin that says something to the effect of "I don't need a life, I'm a gamer, I have lots of lives."
- A pin that says something like "When in doubt, blow s**t up." (That one was for my Mello.)
- A lovely painting of a lion and a unicorn.

Yeah, I was a bit of a Scrooge last year when it came to spending.
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