DDR / PIU cabs?

If it's a game that you plug into the wall or the game runs on batteries, you can find them inside this forum.
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DDR / PIU cabs?

Post by JosephW »

So I was looking through AB 2017 videos, and in one of them, I caught a brief glimpse of what was most definitely a Pump It Up Prime2 cabinet. To be more exact, a CX cabinet.

Is that going to be at the 2018 con as well?

(because I'm going to have to use all of my willpower to not spend the entire con playing it :lol: :lol: )
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Re: DDR / PIU cabs?

Post by etudexc »

Hey! I'm no Anime Boston staff member but I checked with Tokyo Attack and they announced that they will be bringing a bunch of games including DDR and PIU Prime 2. For some reason, this information isn't available anywhere on the Anime Boston website but Tokyo Attack made a post about it on their facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/TokyoAttackGam ... 4848622534
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