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I'm not sure how this works. I stepped into the video games rooms a few times every year. Is the video game forum to request games for tournament or leisure play, or is the forum for setting up and leading the game in tournament and leisure play?

I just want to request Splatoon for the Nintendo Wii U to be available in the video game programming. Please!
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Good question-- I'd love to have Splatoon in AB!
However, I think it would be great to just make a private battle with those in the VG room using our switches since playing the Wii U would make people a bit impatient to play (including me! lol) I love the idea and I'd love to play along with you if possible! Just not sure if AB would plan on using a Wii U for that? Not that it's single player, but the sake of how long people go on playing that game (trust me, I play for some timeeee :lol: )
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