Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

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Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by ForestHolmes »

What do you think is the best Pokémon game? For me its Pokemon leaf green as it has the best of all the Pokémon games rolled into a single one. The only one that comes close is Pokemon Fire Red. What are your thoughts? Share your favorites too!
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by Ficus »

Hi ForestHolmes, welcome to the Anime Boston forums. I thought you'd be able to find more interested parties in the Video Game section of the forums, rather than the general questions sub-forum, so your thread was moved.

That said, while I loved playing LeafGreen since it was a nice return to Kanto, I love the Aloha region too much and gotta say my favorite game in the main series so far is Pokemon Moon. I loved breaking the mold of gyms, and the different islands offered lots of different terrain to explore.
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So many to choose from!

Post by KQBeans »

It’s so hard to choose, because they all end up having their own unique charms, flaws, and high points, but I’d have to say my personal favorites are Pokemon Crystal, Black/White, ORAS, Sun/Moon, and parts of Sword/Shield.

The environments just keep getting more and more lovely to explore in. I also like the complexity of personality and the designs that the trainers are getting. Some of the pokemon designs are baffling, but it’s nice to see a wide range of types.
I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Pokemon Legends: Arceus and future games bring.
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by TheSlipperySlope »

Shin Megami Tensei is my favorite Pokémon game
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by VergilSparda »

I agree. SMT is the best Pokémon game. /j

In all seriousness, I believe Pokémon Black/Black 2 are the best games.
My evidence? It’s the only Pokémon games I’ve completed. Therefore they are the best.
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by nikolaj5 »

I have been playing this game for a long time, I like the most of all the games I play and I will continue to play for sure
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Re: Is Pokemon Leaf green the best Pokemon game?

Post by BumbleBee »

If you want to start playing Gen 1 with the current pokemon crystal gameshark, this game is fantastic. The main differences come from quality of life enhancements like trainer rematches, eliminating identical status conditions, etc. Breeding, egg movements, and—most significantly—the Sevii Islands represented newer content for the era and provided a nice narrative thread leading up to Team Rocket's return in HGSS. Overall, would suggest if you want to get into it for nostalgia or just for fun, however some of the mechanics are a headache compared to HGSS.
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