New to conventions- Tax Questions

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New to conventions- Tax Questions

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Hi there! In preparation for Artist's Alley applications going live--and also to be prepared for another con I'm applying to later in 2019-- I decided to go ahead and do the EIN/MassTaxConnect things required on the FAQ. However, I've run into a small bump. I already had an existing account on MassTaxConnect. I figured I would be able to go back and add the EIN to a separate designation under my name-- there are options to add other tax accounts to the same username-- but it didn't have a place for my EIN when I went through the process.
Do I need to (somehow) delete the MassTaxConnect account I made and re-apply for that as exclusively a business, or is there a way for me to add the EIN to my existing account that I haven't seen? Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: New to conventions- Tax Questions

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You might want to try to contact the MA Dept of Rev directly. Here's the info: ... of-revenue
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