Charity Auction Artist Alley Table

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Charity Auction Artist Alley Table

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Hi all!

Due to some issues that were recently brought up, we have changed the way we are doing the bidding for the artist alley table!

This year, the auction for this particular item will be done as a semi-blind auction.

Anyone interested in this item should come down to charity’s table in the Dealers’ Room and fill out a bid sheet.

Bidding will be completely confidential to the other bidders and you may submit one bid in a sealed envelope. Bids will be taken in this fashion until the Dealers’ Room closes on Saturday March 31st at 7pm! In the interest of discouraging false bids, a bid in the semi-blind auction will be a $20 donation to submit.

On Sunday morning (April 1st) around 10am, during the live auction (in the Grand Ballroom), the opportunity will be presented for anyone in the room to outbid the highest blind bid. If they do not, the winner of the semi-blind auction will be invoiced for their bid.

Please feel free to contact the charity team with any questions!
~Jenna Leary~
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