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Please fix this

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:15 pm
by Deanon
So, FCFS at an undisclosed time on a server that cannot handle the loads is cruelly stressful and totally unnecessary. There are better methods - I've seen a few discussed on the forum's already. Jury's reasonable, but cost-restrictive, sure; limited-window lottery and third-party systems I think are worth considering also.

You said it yourself - you don't have the tools to test your servers with the kinds of loads that artist alley signups inflict. You aren't equipped to do this. Personally, I'd rather see you move to third-party software and up the price of a table to recoup the cost of moving. But this is painful to watch, and painful to experience. This is not how you get the best crop of artists.

The wheel is broken. Fix it.