Any Method But this

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Any Method But this

Post by hocuspocusdolly » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:19 pm

Anime Boston NEEDS a change. This is getting completely ridiculous, and whats more is I am APALLED that it took them THREE HOURS to tell us that signups were delayed, so now, not only did I waste my entire afternoon, but I am going to waste likely my entire evening.

It's not news that the AA signups will crash the site, it does every year. if you're not prepared to deal with that, then maybe you should change your method even just for your own sanity.

Here's the thing though-- I love contributing to AB's AA. Anime Boston is my hometown con and I've been attending the con since 2005. (granted I have not tabled most of those years)

The AA staff is generally wonderful and I've never had an issue with how the AA is run itself, but this FCFS method is downright irritating and disrespectful of people's time considering the fact they don't give you any sort of an idea of what time it'll even go UP.

Like so many others, I called out of work to try for the AA today. I'm lucky in that I am in a position where asking for time off is not an issue, but this not at all the case for so many others.
I know I've personally been in situations where asking for time off could mean forfeiting time off on a holiday or for a con. Weekend days off is a luxury so many can't afford to take and this system's lack of even giving a ballpark time is so disrespectful of that.

I understand that the AA gets so many apps that juried would be difficult, and that lottery isn't ideal either, but you know what? those are better than this.
Worried about the amount of apps? Cap it. Cap it at 500 like other cons do, give us a TIME the apps will go up like every other con, and then do FCFS juried, regular juried or lottery.

that would be better than this and cut down on your work.

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