Hey, This is Bullshit

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Hey, This is Bullshit

Post by saltedpumpkin » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:17 pm

Honestly this is awful. I have friends who called off work for this, I have friends who have missed class and still didn't get a chance to enter.

People have lives and families and /paying jobs/ and obligations that you're carelessly disregarding with your "system"

You said it would change last year. Why hasn't it? You're the largest anime con on the east coast and you can't have an ounce of consideration in your application process. "Jury is too difficult". then do lottery. use eventbrite.

Give a f*cking time when the applications will go up.

"sometime after noon" is bullshit, it's even worse to wait THREE HOURS before saying anything about a delay and then salt in the wound to comment "it will be back 'some time' after 6pm."

What is wrong with you?

Do you have no consideration for people at all?

Chaining people to their desks for three hours on a saturday, despite other obligations. Forcing them to hold their bladders for fear of missing their tiny window of chance?

This is the most unprofessional display I've seen in my years doing AA.

It only gets worse every year.

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