Suggestion for Sign-Ups and Server Stability

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Suggestion for Sign-Ups and Server Stability

Post by harumphidoo » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi! I love AB, and especially since moving to the area this feels like my home con. I'm not personally too affected by the time change (I took the whole day off in case something like this happened) but I know a lot of people are really upset and now unable to sign up due to work and travel by 6pm ET.

I understand if this isn't really a possibility, but there are web hosts that offer flexible server space. I've personally used AWS and plan on switching everything over to AWS next year since it's super cheap when a site doesn't have a ton of traffic (less that $1/mo) and scales the price as you use up more server space.

I personally would also love to see juried space expanded in the future at AB. I love the variety of art and styles in the alley that systems like FCFS (and lottery!) provide, and expanding juried space would allow more artists who have conventions and art as their full-time job apply and have that security so they don't need to refresh the page. I know for myself I was refreshing constantly, probably putting a ton of strain on the servers, because this is my wife and I's job and we didn't make it into pro row this year.

I'm looking forward to AB this year and plan on crouching over my computer like a goblin at 6pm. Have a good con everyone!

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