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At Con Available Spaces

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:21 pm
by Tuberat
1 -On Friday, after the room is open to the public and when most of the artists have been able to check in by this point, THAT is when we'll open up for selling. Only artists are allowed inside during set up hours. set up hours are until 10am. at 10am we open the doors to the public.

we will use the ticket system again like last year. Exact timing is unknown (depending on how busy we are), but i know we will NOT be checking for people to be lined up outside the doors before 9am. Probably closer to 9:30am. The ticket system is to prevent people from trampling over other artists in their rush to be the first one at the info desk, despite having been lined up previously. Trust me, if it didn't happen, we wouldn't have implemented it. it's been a few years and i'm still upset about it.

new this year - we're setting it down in writing that first priority goes to people who are NOT already in the AA in whatever capacity they found (for example, artists who were able to find someone to share space with them ALREADY have space - we're looking to help people who haven't yet gotten any space. this also means artists who have 3 feet of space will not be able to come up to us because they want 'bigger space')

this is for Friday, for already open spaces.

2 - on Saturday, we will open up again for any tables that failed to check in by the deadline. Same process as before.
the check in deadline on Saturday is 10am. remember we CANNOT GUARANTEE that people will not show up for their spaces. This is a maybe situation.

3 - And remember, if an artist who IS in the alley says "I'm done, i sold out of all my stock, here, you can have my table" (it HAS happened once or twice) - we're perfectly okay with that -


If the artist that belongs there takes off without telling us he/she has given you permission to use their table then as far as we know, you could be 'squatting' which we don't allow. We'll kick you out of the table until that artist comes to talk to us.

Thanks all for your interest and good luck!

P.S. EDIT - i forgot to mention - all payments at con MUST be in Cash!