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What to have ready when applying for Artist Alley?

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:46 pm
by DabidK
My wife wants to attempt to register for Anime Boston Artist Alley this year for the first time. She knows that it's REALLY hard to get in and you have to be really fast to do so, and we've read all of the Anime Boston Artist Alley FAQ and Beginners' Guide information.

What she's still not sure about, though, is exactly what she has to have ready for when the application goes live--as in, "What's on the application?" We know some conventions require a whole letter of intent or photographs of your art or a sample booth photo, while others just want your name/contact info/table size, but we can't find that information anywhere on the Anime Boston website.

In Anime Boston's case, can anyone share what my wife should have ready to go when applications go live to have the best chance at getting in?

Thanks in advance and much appreciation to anyone who can help us understand the process better for this show. :)