Table Sharing - Read Me First!

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Table Sharing - Read Me First!

Post by BlackSunRising » Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:10 pm

[quote=Artist Alley FAQ]

So I Didn't Get A Table. What Can I Do Now?
Unfortunately, the space for the Artists' Alley is limited and not all applicants are guaranteed a table. However, sometimes accepted artists are willing to share.

In the event that the Artist Alley is full, table-sharing is permitted. However, there are several ground rules that must be followed by both the owner of the table and the artist borrowing space:

Once the Artists' Alley has sold out, a thread will be started - by the AA Manager, so please wait - in the Anime Boston forum where artists can request or offer table space. Please be reasonable in your requests; you are more likely to receive 2 feet of space than 6 feet.

* Artists MAY NOT CHARGE more than the current rate of $15 per foot of space. Tables may NOT be re-sold for profit.
* The same space rules still apply, INCLUDING the amount of people per table.
* The artist who originally purchased the table must contact the Artists' Alley manager to inform her of the sale and provide the information of the artist who is sharing space.


Please wait for Nikki (Tuberat) to begin the thread for table sharing requests so all requests and offers are managed in the same thread rather than have individual threads from each person.

The Table Sharing thread will NOT be started until Phase 2 is complete and all AA tables are accounted for. Please be patient. ;)

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Table Sharing - Read Me First!

Post by Tuberat » Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:54 pm

By the Way - I'd like to thank you for handling this while i was out

once tables are actually paid for, i will start the official thread for sharing since i need to make sure all the rules about sharing tables is included and ALL people who may be thinking about sharing tables read them.

i can't simply add them to an already created post later as they could be easily overlooked.
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