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Anime Boston 2022 Toku Fight Choreography Videos

Posted: Tue May 03, 2022 3:58 pm
by TheZayneMurdock
Hey all! Names Zayne! I do cinematography, photography as well as acting and was wanting to get some of my fellow Tokusatsu cosplayers from Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Space Sherriff, Power Rangers and much more to do a fun video in costume fighting some bad guys. If you yourself would want to help as one of the mooks / henchmen you are more then welcome! The mooks would need black clothing that is loose and breathable and easy to move in as well as comfy shoes so you dont hurt your feet (you need those to do other con stuff) If interested let me know or send me a message on discord @ TheZayneMurdock#7831 Stay safe and stay awesome! Can't wait for the con to be here!