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The Wind Rises?

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:52 am
by Staffy
This is a very...Polarizing...anime, and I was wondering if it will be screened (the Japanese Language Version, obviously) at AB 14'.

Please, no discussion here, I'm only looking for a "yes" or "no."

Thank you. :)

Re: The Wind Rises?

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:10 am
by JeffersonLeeEng
I'm going to guess "no" as it's currently set for wide commercial theater release in the US by Feb. 28th. Don't get me wrong, it'd be nice to screen at con, but I don't think screen licensing rights are available for AB at this point.

Re: The Wind Rises?

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:24 pm
by Mosquito
Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli properties are distributed by Disney in the US. (Well, Touchstone technically, but they're a branch of Disney.) They have very strict rules about who they will grant the licenses to (film festivals, art museums and very carefully managed screenings at theaters). I've never heard of an anime con getting those rights and we do not show things without said clearance, so while it would be awesome, there's pretty much no chance of it ever happening.

Re: The Wind Rises?

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:21 pm
by Staffy
thanks. I figured as much...

We could still (perhaps) aggregate a list of local theaters near the Con that are showing the movie. No discounts or anything though... just a list. And possibly directions to said venues.

y'know...for information purposes.