"I'm looking for" thread

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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by shouji »

[quote=xPyR0x][quote=Siren Malirose]Okay... I found a picture on photobucket (I didn't take it!) and I was like, "OMG, I forgot to ask them for their e-mails or something!"

Here's the picture.

http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd75 ... C01025.jpg

Can anyone help me find these guys? I was L everytime I bumped into them and I kept saying something like, "My boys!" Hope I find them...[/quote]

Why, hello there, L!

I'm the Matt you're looking for :3

Mello and Near are on the forums too, Mello is Cozi and Near is xxhanlxx

We really enjoyed bumping into you all weekend!! :D

*laughs to himself* well well what a turn of luck, i was actually wondering if i should see if i could find you guys on here or not but you all in one spot.

and if you don't remember me..i'm the l that walked around with the teacup, sugar cubes, plushie cake, and was in the masq.....and if you didn't meet me then...whoops, but i know i met the near and mello in your group. they gave me hugs.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Nasu »

I have a feeling this is going to be a rather hopeless post, but I figure I might as well try anyway.

I'm looking for a guy named John that I danced with on Saturday night at the dance. He had long, black hair, fishnet shirt, baggy black pants, and also danced in one of the many circles. Said he lived in Connecticut. Even showed me his school ID, and I can't remember the school, or his last name. Haha. Go me!

As far as I know he wasn't really with anyone..
Ahh, hopelessness. :[


<3 ~ Thanks to anyone who can help! :]
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by RickGlass »

hello, cacophony, see you on saturday for the lulzfest which will ensue

I'm looking for a girl I talked to on saturday, she was a shintoist who wore camo pants, she was awesome

two other people I'm looking for:
-blue-haired scifag
-His 'g/f' who was an ass

i will elaborate if any of these ppl respond
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by PhoenixRose »

Still on the look out for the Team Rocket member in all black and heels.

It may help if I said I was dragging about a blonde cat boy? XD
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Seer »

I think I saw this guy but then there may've been a number of people in fishnet and long hair as it was a dance~

But I know how you feel. There are a number of cool people I will no doubt never see again.

I cry in a corner. .

And Phoenix~ More details~
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by PinkHairedWonder »

I'm looking for

-A girl dressed as Older Ino on Friday. I was the Sakura that stopped to talk to her friday in the back hall on floor 1.

-A D.Grey Man cosplayer that was in line for the Aaron Dismuke autograph line on Saturday. He had a big FMA wall scroll, and he was from New York.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Kronis »

[color:purple]Ok heres the deal. me and my uhhhhhh "buddy" lol were walking the artists alley when suddennly he screamed "OH MY GOD yaoi paddle." so he dragged me to the person who had the yaoi paddle and gave me a good "punsishment" if you will. it was a funny moment and its not like me and him werent randomly yaoiing for you fan girls anyway. but the thing is the owner of said paddle filmed our antics and said it would be on youtube. i cant find it anywhere and i really wanted to see it. seriously i got compliments from the girl running a hentai stand that me and my friend were the only REAL yaoi they saw. i want to see the video. if anyone sees it or the person who filmed it i want to know please. thanks [/color]
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by SlAyErPaTh »

Hey everyone..well I'm looking for a girl who cosplayed as Deidara that hugged me (I cosplayed as Toshiro Hitsugaya) in the Artist Gallery during Saturday of Anime Boston, around the time of 6:30 to 7:00, I think.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Graceria »

I'm looking for screen names of:

ANYONE who was in Cosplay Chess (I was King Mickey)[/quote]

I was Trisha Elric (Ed's mom) in the cosplay chess. My AIM is Graceria.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by alissa37 »

I'm looking for the people my friend and I met in the registration line on Friday. I know one was cosplaying Lenalee from D. Gray-man. They were the ones playing hackeysack and who kept getting yelled at for blocking the aisle.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by xfb490 »

looking for any videos of Ed, Dante, and school boy Simon playing catch the fairy while waiting for the dealers room to open on Saturday
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by mikami »

I'm looking for a video of the fooley cooley robot walk-on from the masquerade. The awesome one that lit up.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Gaara_kun41 »

I'm actually looking for someone who saw me. I need to gather some pictures of my cosplay so please email me if you have any.

I was timeskip gaara. My Icon is me in another gaara outfit. Shukaku_chan41@yahoo.com
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by MandaPandaGSC13 »

Hi. The is a long shot, but: I'm looking for the Hinata (on either Friday or Saturday) dressed up in the schoolgirl uniform for one of the Naruto Shippuuden endings. I think I met her in the dealer's room and she took a few pictures with me of a scene of her giving me a note. I was the Naruto anbu with the outrageous hair. I think she was with another Naruto (6th Hokage? Don't remember) for some of the time.
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by YagamiRaito »

This Thread really works, I posted a while back, 'looking for plugsuit Asuka' and a few minutes later she messaged me and now we're going out ever since ^^
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Sango »

[quote=Aikeichan]I'm looking for pictures of:

A short male Sai who was black and white instead of red.
A short female Sai who was Raver!Sai with blue instead of red
A short asian Namine

I'm looking for screen names of:

ANYONE who was in Cosplay Chess (I was King Mickey), especially the Readman, L who I pantsed (Who was also Sweeney Todd) and Makodo. Also the Jack Sparrow who I was walking around with if anyone saw us. [/quote]

I was the Luffy and my fiance was the Shanks ^.^ And I just pmed you lol

[quote=Graceria]I was Trisha Elric (Ed's mom) in the cosplay chess. My AIM is Graceria.

Dude you were epic lol
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Anime Freak 1234 »

i am looking for the chick who tried to glomp me then i refused and you went phyco and tried to kill me. It was in the hallway on saturday about 6 i was wearing a black naruto shirt
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by XxHimura_KenshinxX »

Hmmm... well.. I hadn't really planned on posting in here, but I may as well...

I'm looking for the Sora and Kenshin I was hanging out with on Friday and Saturday.. We were stuck together in the horrendous Registration line, (Which is the ONLY reason I'm glad I didn't pre-reg that one time..)

We were joking about the end of the hallway being fake and going to move further away the closer we got lol I was Kenshin in the line, and I remember the other Kenshin's name was Marc..

On Saturday, Kenshin and I were in some hentai-related panel and I was in my Relena cosplay (Blue party dress) And we were laughing about the underwear being thrown.. And afterward, Kenshin Sora and I had some odd underwear shooting game lol

I remember Sora said it was his first time cosplaying, but he looked great!! I know this is probably hopeless, but I'd love to get in contact with you guys, if you ever read this. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you at the con!

I hope this works ;-;


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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by gamelord »

does anyone remember this person?
http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd24 ... deo024.jpg
I took a picture of her and a video of her dancing with one of my friends
she told me her DA page, but I couldn't for the life of me remember when I got home...
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Death »

anyone lookin for me i was a volunteer on Sat and well ya i was in the library for a bit and had a specially made gaia pin that showed my stats and i was in the masquirade(cant spell) and was all over the place i had brown hair not cosplaying and i kinda went all over and went up and down the stairs alot on the left side... if anyone cares to want to look for me XD :p but ya i mean im going dunno if im volunteering but hope someone was looking for me XD
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Rabishi »

Hi I am the Duct Tape Vash the Stampede from AB08 if any one saw
I am looking for a guy with the Badge name last year of Paintman

Paintman(timmy) Your card baord box of a sniper rifle still lives on, if you want it we might be able to bring it XD
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Yammark »

I'm Looking for Classic F.F. 10 Yuna's
Chrono trigger cosplayers,
Disgaea cosplayers,
"Sweet candy kisses where ever I go"
And something I'm dying for... Dot hack cosplayers
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"I'm looking for" thread

Post by Phantom 1 »

To Ashley, Laura, Stephanie, Mikaela, Mikaela's friend, and whoever else I danced with at the ball, thanks for the memories. I'm on both Myspace and Facebook and hope to see you again at AB.
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