First Aid for 2018

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First Aid for 2018

Post by theonlylostsoul » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:48 pm

First Aid is important! Long days on our feet can wreak havoc on the body, from blisters on our heals (because omg those boots were perfect for the cosplay, but still too new!) to maybe not feeling so great because you haven’t drank enough water (DRINK WATER! There is water in pretty much every room in the Hynes, Sheraton and Hilton!).

This year we will have a room designated to First Aid! Located on the second floor in the Hynes, in room 205. The room will be open Friday and Saturday, 8am-2am and Sunday, 8am-4pm. In addition to room 205, Boston EMS will still be stationed in an office, on the first floor in the main hallway.

If you’re unable to make it to these locations, please reach out to an Anime Boston Staff member or a Hynes Security rep. We all work together with Boston EMS to ensure you’re well taken care of!

Tidbits of advice:
Wear shoes that fit! Try to break in new shoes before con! And if you can’t, please bring a pair of comfy sandals or shoes with you. It’s better to have different footwear than to have injured feet.

Drink water! Did we mention this already? Panel rooms, video rooms, pretty much every room has water in it. Stay hydrated!

Follow the 5-2-1 rule: 5 consecutive hours of sleep per day, 2 solid meals per day and 1 shower per day.

Schedule in breaks! We know it might seem like your schedule becomes packed. Try to budget some time to take a breather. Maybe catch up on all your Street Passes?

Listen to your body! You’ll be the first one to know when your energy levels are falling. We don’t want to use a revive to bring you back from fainting!

Mostly though, have fun, be safe and know we’re here with the resources to help!
Kirsten (Kiri) Smith
Director of Operations
Anime Boston

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