Pre-Register for Anime Boston 2025!

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Pre-Register for Anime Boston 2025!

Post by Step »

Had fun at Anime Boston 2024?! We did too! Pre-register for next year now!!! Pre-Registration will be open until April 14th, 2024 so sign up now at

Can't wait to see you there!
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Re: Pre-Register for Anime Boston 2025!

Post by Kanechan »

The link on the news page doesn't work, so I had to use the one here in the forum post instead. After that I had to reset my password (my password protector apparently won't store it, so I didn't have the old password on hand), then I had to finagle my way around the registration site until I was able to find the right link. Not very intuitive, unfortunately, but I managed through sheer perseverance.

UPDATE: As of today (4/6/24), the link on the news page is active and working. Luck to all who want to get in on admission before it goes up.
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Re: Pre-Register for Anime Boston 2025!

Post by Nemra »

hmm, not sure why that wasn't working but it should be fixed now. Sorry about that
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Re: Pre-Register for Anime Boston 2025!

Post by Master of NERV »

Just to let everyone know site is up and working.
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