Passes vs. Tickets

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Passes vs. Tickets

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With the plethora of programming available at Anime Boston, it can be confusing figuring out what’s included when purchasing a membership. Do you need to purchase a ticket to see your favorite band? What's the difference between passes and tickets? We've got your answers and more! Check out our handy guide to help you navigate our most popular events!


Memberships include free access to all panels, events, and concerts, the exception being events requiring tickets.

Tickets require additional payment to participate. The charity Formal Ball and Semi-Formal Ball tickets can be purchased in advance in the online pre-registration portal. Proceeds from the dances are donated to the National MS Society. More information can be found here.

Passes are free but must be reserved in advance by picking them up the day of at Programming Operations (Hynes 101). Hours for Programming Operations can be found here.

Workshops may require an additional fee to be paid at the door. (Most payment types accepted, cash preferred.)

To help everyone have a safe experience at Anime Boston, there are guidelines in place for line queues and seating for events.

Lining up for events may start no earlier than one hour prior to an event start time or one hour prior to seating for events held in larger spaces. Line queues and seating at Anime Boston are directed by Anime Boston staff, both outside and inside the room.

Anime Boston reserves the right to dissolve line queues at any time. In these instances, Anime Boston may hand out passes to people who have been in the line queue already so that they may return when seating starts with seating preference.

The full guidelines can be found in the Seating and Line Queue Policy.
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Re: Passes vs. Tickets

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Hi there,

I want to check my reading of this. In recent years there was a really great system where we'd pick up passes for events like the concerts, and masquerade in the mornings, so that you were guaranteed entry to the event, and didn't need to wait around in line for 3-4 hours to ensure that you got a seat (you could walk up to the door like 15 minutes before start, and know that you could sit down, no stress). It was quick, easy, and enabled us to go around the convention and enjoy the day instead of panicking over whether we're going to be able to get into the thing we're really excited about.

Am I correct in my interpretation that you're getting rid of that system, and now we're going to be just lining up and hoping that we're there early enough to get a seat?

If so, I'm really curious why the change, because personally, this system was one of the best changes that AB had made since around 2008 the best change AB made since around 2008, and I don't understand why it would be reverted.

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