Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

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Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

Post by grimmrainbow »

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For a limited time we are offering mailed membership badges for Anime Boston 2024!

Which types of memberships are eligible to be mailed?
All membership types are eligible to be mailed if pre-registered by February 18th, 2024. This includes single day memberships!

How much will it cost to mail my badge?
Shipping and handling will be $15.

If you purchased more than one membership, every person on the order will have their badge mailed together to the account holder's address.

Lanyards and badge holders will be available at the convention at no additional charge.

How can I get my badge mailed if I already purchased a membership?
Anyone who has previously purchased their membership and wants to opt in to get it mailed, can contact Registration Customer Service with their full name and email address they used to register and we will help get that taken care of!

I've also purchased a program guide, will I be able to have that mailed too?
Those who have ordered program guides will receive a receipt for their purchase that they can bring to the Anime Boston merch table in the Dealer's room to collect their program guide.

Why is a mailed membership badge offered for a limited time?
Due to the nature of this new process, we ran into some technical issues that took longer to resolve than anticipated. As a trial run this year, mailed badges will be capped at 3,000 memberships. We would love your feedback and we thank you for your patience!

Pre-register today and get your membership badge delivered right to your door!
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Re: Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

Post by kila »

Just emailed in to request my badge be mailed and hope it all goes smoothly and helps cut down on lines and streamlines everything for staff ^^
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Re: Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

Post by Kanechan »

I don't really see how this would help streamline the registration redemption process. So far as I can see, you still have to come in for the badge holder and lanyard during the con. And in my case at least, I could spend less than $15 getting that done. I also have no trust in my mail carriers--the people working my street at the post office have become untrustworthy, as they tend to withhold mail from me that I was supposed to have gotten on a particular day. Were I to order my badge this way, I might never see it before the con, or anytime after for that matter, they are that unreliable by and large. Besides, I'm far more used to doing this on pre-reg redemption day anyway, and I see no reason to circumvent that activity.
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Re: Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

Post by BreadCosplay »

While I won't be using the service, I can definitely see the appeal to those who will! For people who aren't able to travel in until Friday and might have earlier events they have to attend it's a HUUUGE help with getting into the con itself on Day 1. Some people don't like waiting in the pre-registration line.

On top of that, those who don't like waiting will pre-order the badge and get it mailed to them and won't be in the line waiting, so it'll end up going maybe a little faster?! At least, maybe the Friday lines will. The $15 additional fee is a little steep but it is a trial run.
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Re: Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

Post by Soarinwater »

I’m interested in this but I am curious a little bit more about the logistics of it all!
For example, when will you badge be shipped out? Is it on a on demand basis or will they all be shipped out after the cut off in February - and If that is the case when should be be expecting them to be sent out by, and would we be supplied with a shipping number considering that fairly steep shipping cost? And what is the insurance policy on the badge (i.e if they get destroyed or lost in the mail) would we still be able to pick them up at con?

With the need to pick up lanyards and plastic films for the badge at con - would there be a separate area for those who received it in advanced to pick those up, or would we have to wait in line as we would to pick up a regular badge?

Thank you for giving this a trial run though! I am fairly interested in seeing how it goes and if it’s an option to be implemented in the future.
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Re: Anime Boston 2024 Mailing Membership Badges

Post by OldManCaboose »

I don't mind being a test dummy for this. I actually still have my badge/holder from last year so if the format of the badge is the same, I could theoretically slip the new badge into that and avoid registration lines completely.

I assume we will get notified when the badges are shipped and hopefully it will be with some notice before the con in the event there is issues with shipping/delivery.
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