Iruma-kun: Love is Devi

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Iruma-kun: Love is Devi

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I have some ideas for a crossover between Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun and Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Basic premise is that Ameri and Iruma have continued their daily manga readings and finished "First Love Memories" - the next forbidden text from the human world they read together is Kaguya-sama. Ameri then has a dream where she and Iruma have become the embodiment of Shinomiya and Shirogane.

How it actually plays out depends on how many performers we have. Ideally I picture this with cosplayers for Clara and Asmodeus, in addition to Ameri (me) and an Iruma. My thought was Ameri and Iruma trying to sing Daddy Daddy Do (in English) together but being humorously interrupted, and Iruma stolen away by Clara singing Chikatto Chika Chika (The Chika Dance) and then Asmodeus try to steal Iruma while singing Heart Wa Oteage (Kaguya-sama ed. 3). That said, either of the later two could be omitted if we didn't have somebody cosplaying that character. It could just end up being a duet of Daddy Daddy Do with someone as Iruma and I'd be totally cool with that.

*Singer (any vocal range is fine)
or Kristen... (she/her/hers)
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