Last Ditch Effort

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Last Ditch Effort

Post by saffieb »

Ok, so I just had an idea for an AMV (I know I’m cutting it close) and I need new footage...

The snag is that I just got a new computer (my old one was over a decade) and I had my software in there for so long I can’t remember how to do almost anything...

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve created my .d2v files, but VirtualDub isn’t reading them and says they aren’t compatible. Am I missing a step?

And I can’t remember how to adjust the fr from 29 to 23 or the size from 720x480 to any of the allotted sizes

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Re: Last Ditch Effort

Post by LantisEscudo »

AMV101 has a lot of really good guides that explain it better than a forum post can.

Here is their page on handling DVD footage.
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