Right in the Feels Playlist

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Right in the Feels Playlist

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These are the videos that showed during the panel (but not in the ordered played)

1.) Accidently Tsundere by hamstar138 & Zanzaben
2.) Apples and Red Strings by Camichan19
3.) Suki Da!!! by StarTrinity009
4.) We Too by Moonpie
5.) Say All I Need by NekoKitKat
6.) Otaku Paradise by BecauseImBored1
7.) Conter les Heures by Kiarrens
8.) Never Fall Apart by VegettoEX, MeriC & gambitt
9.) You Are Loved by Melichan923
10.) Parallel Convergence by Xophilarus
11.) Enchanted by Amiamio
12.) A Better Place by Studio LeCroc
13.) Beautiful Me by aoisenshi9
14.) Hot Commodity by GuntherAMV
15.) Never Quite Enough by Tigrin
16.) My Songs and Stories by Drabaz
17.) All That Matters by BasharoftheAges
18.) Fiat Lux by PieAndBeer
19.) Sinners by CrimsonFayth
20.) Empandering Hearts by BasharoftheAges
21.) Dream the Impossible by BecauseImBored1
22.) Paper Image by Koopiskeva
23.) Take A Leap by MomtoCuitePia
24.) Ouran Day by Kiarrens
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