Cosplot Question

You don't need to be in costume to post in this cosplay forum... but sometimes it helps.
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Cosplot Question

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Hello everyone! I hope everything's going well with the preparations this year! I just had a question about appling to Cosplot. I've always been curious to try it and I know the roles needed vary from year to year, but I have one concern. If I were to be picked for Cosplot, would I still be able to participate in the cosplay games normally? For example, if I want to do Death Match, would I be able to still compete normally, or would my role in that event only be with the Cosplot? (This is just an example and imagine this scenario in any Cosgame I might get involved with.) Do my Cosgames apps get considered as you pick roles, or would Cosplot take priority? Hopefully this concern makes sense, and thank you in advance for your time!
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Re: Cosplot Question

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Great question! There are a couple ways we look at Cosplot:

1) We have scripted plot as part of an event.

In this case, we'll try to use participants in the event to fill the roles. We look at the cosplot pool as a reference to see who's most interested when making the decision.

2) We have a pre-show performance before an event.

These usually have stricter casting requirements due to choreography or vision. We will pull from the cosplot pools. The person creating the performance will negotiate with the event coordinator to figure out the selections. At minimum, we make sure you're not changing costumes if you are selected for both. In many cases, the cosplot ends up using someone who wasn't picked for the event, so it's an extra chance to get involved.

Short answer: being in cosplot does not disqualify you from being in an event. We will never force you to change costumes between cosplot and the event.
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