Question about Idol Showcase & Masquerade

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Question about Idol Showcase & Masquerade

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Hi!! I had a question about both the Idol Showcase and Masquerades.

If I wanted to do a Hatsune Miku dance cover performance, would the coordinators recommend I enter the Idol Showcase instead of the Masquerade? I would like to do either one, but would prefer to do the Masquerade if possible. I've had the thought that maybe the Idol Showcase was created to kind of take some of the idol performances from the Masquerade, so I thought I should ask if it was recommended I sign up for the Showcase instead.
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Re: Question about Idol Showcase & Masquerade

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Given the nature of Hatsune Miku, you are more than welcome to apply for both if you'd like to! Depending on the assortment of Masquerade applications that we may get by the time decisions are made, it's hard to say whether yours would end up being chosen to help round out the show. The Idol Showcase is primarily there to for folks that just want to have fun, showcase their idol routine and aren't concerned with competing at all. If you prefer to enter only the Masquerade for whatever reason, then certainly feel free!
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