2020 Cosplay Programming Event Status

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2020 Cosplay Programming Event Status

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Idol Showcase Applications Open: February 1
Cosplot and Cosplay Games Host Applications Close: CLOSED
Cosplay Gatherings Reservation System Open: March 1
Cosplay Lip Sync Battle Applications Close: CLOSED
Masquerade Performance Skit Pre-evaluation: March 10
Cosplay Chess, Death Match, Dating Game, Improv Battle Applications Close: March 13
Masquerade Applications Close: March 20
Masquerade Final A/V Due: March 27

**NEW FOR THIS YEAR**: We have made a slight alteration to our Cosplay HQ. You will notice that now there is a field for "preferred name" in your info section. We are cognizant of the concerns of our friends in the trans community, so we have included this field in order to prevent dead-naming you. We will still need your legal name for, well, legal purposes, but if you input something into the "preferred name" field, that name is what will show up on all of our applications and data exports. (Please note that we know that "preferred" really isn't the ideal wording for this - this is YOUR name, it's not "preferred." We couldn't figure out a better wording that would convey what we were trying to get across, so we do apologize.)
Please make sure to double check your info section to update this if need be.

Please note: This is different from the Stage Name field for a reason. The Preferred Name field is what we will be using to address you in emails and when you check in at the convention - the Stage Name field is what we'll be using to announce you publicly on stage. So, if you have a cosplay pseudonym you would prefer to be called while you are on-stage, you will still need to enter something into that field.

Hello, everyone! I hope 2019 went wonderfully for you, and that 2020 is shaping up to be even better!

We'll be keeping this thread updated throughout the year so you can easily reference the status of your favorite cosplay events at Anime Boston! Applications for most events are now open! Please keep in mind that only one of our events, the Craftsmanship-only part of the Masquerade, is first-come first-serve. All others are subject to a judgment and approval process, which means you probably won't hear back from us until applications close. For each event, this process and the criteria we are looking for are slightly different. If you have questions about a specific event's criteria, please see either the Cosplay Games, Masquerade, or Cosplay FAQ pages on the website or use the stickied posts below for each one, where the individual coordinators will be available to answer your questions.

MASQUERADE: Applications Open!

Performance & Performance/Craftsmanship: 0 slots open

0 Novice slots open / 0 waitlist slots open
0 Journeyman slots open / 7 waitlist slots open
1 Masters slots open / 11 waitlist slots open
(As of 3/11/2020, 7:30am)

COSPLAY GAMES: Applications Open!
Cosplay Games for Death Match, Dating Game, Improv Battle, and Chess applications are currently open.

IDOL SHOWCASE: Applications Open!
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