Afterdark Dating Game 2020

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Afterdark Dating Game 2020

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Hey there, lovebirds! It's almost that time of year again! Time to get your applications together for the most romantic event in the Cosplay Games lineup: the Dating Game!

"But what is the Afterdark Dating Game?" I hear you asking. Well, my sweet, summer child, the Afterdark Dating Game is an 18+ event that, despite it's name, begins before sundown on Friday night, and is a "Mature" take on the classic 1960's game-show. Three hopeful bachelors or bachelorettes climb onto our "Couch of Love" and answer the questions of one lucky love seeker, who has no idea who they are! After a brief interrogation, the lonely heart blindly chooses their new lover, and they maybe live happily ever after, while our greedy hosts keep the losers in their collection. Repeat for 4 rounds.

Disclaimer: The Dating Game is for fun and entertainment. Contestants are in no way required to actually date their picks. This is all in character role play, not some actual dating service. Greed will probably let the unchosen out of his dungeon someday. Maybe.

As with all of our Cosplay Games, we couldn't run them without YOU! Applications go live on January 1st, so if you want to see which member of the zodiac Tohru will fall for, get your Starry Sky cosplay in there! All applications must include a photo of you, in the costume, and all applicants must be over 18. Anime Boston as had a strict Japanese Origin rule in place for cosplay games for several years, and while it is less strict now, non-Japanese characters are limited to a cameo role only in Dating Game. If you wish to be a question asker or bachelor or bachelorette, costumes MUST be of Japanese origin.

Applications run from January 1st - March 13

Cosplay Games - Event descriptions and how to apply >
Cosplot - Explanation, how to apply, historical snippets >
Cosplay HQ - Is currently OPEN to update costumes. Apps still open Jan 1 >

And the infamous FAQ #1 (Why can't I cosplay as non-Japanese characters) >
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