Anime Boston Lip Sync Battle 2020

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Anime Boston Lip Sync Battle 2020

Post by Amaren »

Hello Everyone!

As we are approaching the Holiday season and once the new year hits, applications will open up! Are you getting ready to dance your hearts out.. Rock the stage! Yes, Lip Sync Battle will be coming back for its fourth year running. Being its fourth year, there are also some new and exciting things that will be added to the game to make THAT MUCH MORE EXTRA!

First! What is LSB???? Well…. Imagine Death Match, but Lip Syncing and a lot less death. There will be 16 contestants/duets placed into a brackett system game. One contestant will perform, do their thing, get off stage. Then, the other contestant will do the same. After the second contestant has performed, YOU the audience will choose who will move on to the next round by your cheers, screams, clams, you name it! (Except boos. Those are ghosts) This will continue until there is one contestant/duet left and they are rewarded the winner!

That being said, what are we doing this year to change things up? Last year, we took on duets and we will continue to take duets. This year, we are going to try taking “Special Attack Duets”. What is that? Well, if you are applying as a solo and have most of your songs set for one person to lip sync, but you like this one duet song and REEEEALLLLYYY works with your character and their story, then this would be it! NOTE: if this is something you are thinking of doing, make sure your partner also applies stating they are your “Special Attack Duet”.

  • Apply with songs that make sense to your character
  • This year, please apply with 6 songs. (we only need 4, but if one of the main 4 is taken this will help)
  • If Duet or Duet Attack, both people need to apply!
  • Practice your songs like crazy!
  • Let’s have fun!
BIG LAST THING! PAST PARTICIPANTS AND WINNERS! This year there will be an opening performance! This performance will be done by past participants and Winners of LSB. To be apart of this 5 min performance, I will be asking for a separate application. This one you do not need a song as the song has been chosen. Do not fret, it is one you all should know.


Cosplay Games - Event descriptions and how to apply >
Cosplot - Explanation, how to apply, historical snippets >
Cosplay HQ - Is currently OPEN to update costumes. Apps still open Jan 1 >

And the infamous FAQ #1 (Why can't I cosplay as non-Japanese characters) >

Keep rocking on and looking forward to seeing you there!
Darren Hadden
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Re: Anime Boston Lip Sync Battle 2020

Post by KayBear »

I seem to be having trouble applying. Is there anyway I could receive some guidance. I would really love to do this with my friend.
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Re: Anime Boston Lip Sync Battle 2020

Post by ksmurf »

KayBear wrote: Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:19 pm I seem to be having trouble applying. Is there anyway I could receive some guidance. I would really love to do this with my friend.
If you are having specific issues, you can reach out to and we'll be happy to help!
Alison Bird
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