2018 Masquerade Winners

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2018 Masquerade Winners

Post by Kiarrens » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:57 pm

MC Award (Dijit & Katy) P012 Passionate Idol Activities
Performance Judge's Award #1 (Sketch) P009 Do the Mario (revamped)
Performance Judge's Award #2 (Shiva) P014 Schindler’s List
Performance Judge's Award #3 (Rhea) P018 Beautiful
Performance Judge's Award #4 (Haru) P024 City of Wind
Craftsmanship Judge's Award #1 (Lady Cels) C016 Lady Mar Cosplay as Saber from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
Craftsmanship Judge's Award #2 (AlbinoShadow) C006 Abby from Human Sushi Cosplay as Tamako from Kyoukai no Rinne
Craftsmanship Judge's Award #3 (Akane Saotome) C020 Simply Scarlet Cosplay as Jora from One Piece.
Craftsmanship Judge's Award #4 (Wayra Cosplay) C023 Leaping Cat as Formal Craft Rin Tohsaka and Molly Joy as Saber Lily from Fate/Grand Order
Best Prop C022 Full Health Cosplay as Genos from One Punch Man
Second Place Novice Craftsmanship P016 Tougen Renka
First Place Novice Craftsmanship P012 Passionate Idol Activities
Second Place Novice Performance P006 My Mai Tonight
First Place Novice Performance & Coordinator’s Award P025 A Dance of Sun and Moon
Second Place Intermediate Craftsmanship P021 Big Star Comeback
First Place Intermediate Craftsmanship C017 Magical Warriors Cosplay as Constellation Hanayo from Love Live!
Second Place Intermediate Performance P008 Overcooked: Anime All Stars
First Place Intermediate Performance P017 Gacha Roll Em All
Second Place Master’s Craftsmanship C030 Mhysa Cosplay as Chevalier d'Eon from Fate Grand Order
First Place Master’s Craftsmanship C015 Michelle and Nicolas Ferrero of Percylove Cosplay as Bartz and Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy Dissidia
Second Place Master’s Performance & Best A/V P027 Space Cowboys
First Place Master’s Performance P015 Pokerap Battle
Best Overall Craftsmanship & Best Portfolio (Lucky Grim's award) C012 StarDust of TSUKI No StarDust Cosplay as Prince Aquamarine from Sakizo's Romantic Jewels Gentleman Artwork
Best Overall Performance P022 Part of All Might’s World
Best in Show P023 Pit Rising
Arda Wigs Contest Winner C003 telekineticManiac as Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke
Lyndsey Zusi
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Assistant Masquerade Coordinator 2013 - 2014
Cosplay Chess Coordinator 2009 -2014
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