Question regarding rules + Stage Ninjas

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Question regarding rules + Stage Ninjas

Post by cactuar » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:10 pm


I'll be attending AB for my first time and wanted to enter the Masquerade contest, but had a few questions.

1) We plan to have a puppet where the puppeteer (and puppet aka prop creator) will be a stage ninja in our group but will not be wearing a costume. Will we be able to get the puppet judged?
2) Assuming there's another Arda Contest this year, are we eligible to enter the Arda contest if we have stage ninjas? This is assuming the rules are the same, prizing is for 2 people, etc.
3) If we enter both the Arda contest and the masquerade as a skit, would we do the walk for the Arda portion -and- the skit, or would we not walk during the Arda portion?



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