Question for next year's Masquerade

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Question for next year's Masquerade

Post by ApocalypseUnicorn » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:07 am

Hey there! I know it's crazy early, but going to AB this year made me feel inspired to try and branch out for next year. I'm already considering my options, and I think I have some fun ideas for the Masquerade. If I end up doing it, I only intend to do the Performance category, so I wanted to clarify some things before I plan too heavily. In the rules, I see it says all costumes must be "homemade". I'm totally in support of this, but I wanted to see what the judges' expectations for "homemade" is. Does that mean every costume has to be made completely from scratch, or are alterations of existing (non-costume) pieces of clothing acceptable? For example, if I find a plain blazer at the thrift shop and modify it to become, say, Yuuri Katsuki's free skate costume, does that still count as "homemade"? Or would I be expected to sew it completely? I'm okay with it either way, but I wanted to reach out and see what exactly I should be planning if I do decide to try it next year. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Question for next year's Masquerade

Post by Kiarrens » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:45 am

Hi! This is a great question, and we've addressed it in the expanded rules (I'm going to be working with the webmaster next year to make it clearer that there ARE expanded rules). Here is the relevant section:
There are exceptions to the "purchased or rented" policy:

Exception 1: "Found Item" costumes are allowed. This is basically a costume that was built by collecting various pieces from normal clothing stores and combining them or altering them in a unique way, with or without sewing.
Exception 2: If one or two minor components of the costume were professionally purchased. In such a case individuals MUST indicate all such items ahead of time, and these items will not be considered by the judges when they evaluate the costume for craftsmanship eligibility.
Exception 3: For groups who are interested in presentation awards only (and do not intend to undergo Craftsmanship judging) the Masquerade Coordinator may be more lenient about the proportion of store-bought items in each costume. Individuals are still required to have some homemade items in the costume.
As to your specific example, yes, purchasing a blazer and adding on the embellishments for Yuri's free skate uniform would be acceptable, especially for a performance-only entry.

You should be aware that for next year, we are considering altering the rules so that only novice competitors can choose performance only. We had far too many skits last year which SHOULD have been applicable for best in show that weren't (only those who compete in both performance and craftsmanship are eligible for best in show) because people didn't feel confident in their costumes - when they really should have! My staff and I are big believers in challenging our cosplayers to push themselves to be better, but we also want to give novice competitors a chance to be able to spread their wings on-stage and try. So, if you were planning on competing in Journeyman or Masters, be aware of this.
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Re: Question for next year's Masquerade

Post by ArtestCosplayGirl200 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:47 pm

hey hey, so i just read this just now and i did masquarade this year and hoping to do it next year. can you please explain with clarification what those new rules that you judges are planing on doing for next year? since i am confused by this. please and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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