Guts Cosplay from Masquerade walk on

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Guts Cosplay from Masquerade walk on

Post by NorseDanceParty » Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:45 am

Hey guys I was the Guts cosplay that was one of the walk ons in the fashion show at the masquerade. Unfortunately due to the restrictions I was swordless the whole con outside of the masquerade. I've gotten a ton of questions on how I built everything and my whole build can be found here

Also if anyone got a picture of my walkon I'd love to see it. My handlers were out back with so I didn't get any pictures.

Finally giant shout out to the staff of the masq they were able to get all my stuff back from security and held it for me all weekend. I can't say enough how much I appreciated everything you guys did to help me. Thank you guys so very much. Also everyone in the masquerade was awesome I wish I get everyone's info. All the costumes were amazing and everyone was so chill it was great :) If you were in the masq send me your instragram or page id love to follow your work.
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