Slight alteration to Masquerade performance application deadline

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Slight alteration to Masquerade performance application deadline

Post by Kiarrens » Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:12 pm

I've been thinking about how the current rules stand ("all applications will be reviewed after applications close on March 4th") and I've decided that it's not fair to expect you all to work hard for two whole months on skits that might not be approved. There is so much that goes into a great Masquerade skit, from audio and video editing to making props and/or backdrops to working on the costumes, blocking and choreography! That's a lot of stuff to be working on, only to discover a month from the con that your skit wasn't accepted into the show.

As such, I'm going to push the application approval date back to February 1st. What does this mean?

1. Those of you who have already applied will need to have a stellar skit description, complete script, and/or audio/video file prepared by that time. We will be reviewing all of the applications and approving them based on a number of factors, trying to achieve an even balance of divisions (9 novice, 8 intermediate, 8 masters) and a balance of type of skit (dance, comedy, drama, etc). We'll also be looking at the series (so we don't have an overabundance of one source, like Naruto or Attack on Titan). The more information you provide us, the better, so we can make an educated decision. If you don't have an audio or video file done by Feb 1st, that's ok. Just make sure that you give us as complete a script as you possibly can.

2. Those who do not make the cut will be placed on the waitlist. We will NOT be closing applications until March 4th, so if you come up with an amazing skit idea between Feb. 1st and March 4th, there is still a chance you might make it into the show! We will review skits on the waitlist as occasion warrants (when other groups drop out) and fill in the spots as we go.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at or just comment here. I'll be updating the rules on the main website to reflect these changes in the very near future (namely, after I get back from seeing Star Wars for the fourth time. What? Don't judge me!)
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