Would love to do the Masquerade 2016! Need rules and help?

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Would love to do the Masquerade 2016! Need rules and help?

Post by Knash173 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:27 pm

:) Hello Anime Boston goers and returnees:

I am going to my first Anime Boston con for the 2016 and would very much love to be in the Masquerade show!!

So I would love any help or tips on how the show goes to be in it. I understand its in two groups based on the forums I see here. Crasftmanship and Presentation. I just don't know/ understand the clarifications of these titles and I know based on your costume or group (if its a group skit) you have to be clear with the judges on what titles your able to enter based on your designs and/or skits.

My main goal for the Masquerade is to enter with a skit were I will be dancing to an ending theme song based of the series Pretty Cure. The song of choice will be based on what 'Cure' I end up being. and it will be just myself on stage dancing (single preformer)

I am also unsure how my costume will be made at this time: bought or handmade or both [bought but made own revisions]. So hopefully this helps further on what program I'm allowed to enter.

I would love any advice or past experiences (what to expect if your entering it) on the Masquerade and I hope that if I get in that you will all root, root for me, a Pretty Cure!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance :D :D !!

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Re: Would love to do the Masquerade 2016! Need rules and help?

Post by Nyuu » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:39 am

Thanks so much for your interest in participating in Masquerade for next year! I just wanted to give a quick heads up that the official rules/information for 2016 should be getting posted in the near future. Keep an eye out for the announcement, and we look forward to seeing you!
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Re: Would love to do the Masquerade 2016! Need rules and help?

Post by Shiroikami » Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:23 pm

I've participated in the Masquerade twice (once as a participating member of a skit, and once as a stage ninja), and watched from the audience a few times as well.

I was never part of the application process, so I can't really speak to that bit, but the actual Masque I can give you some ideas. The show itself is pretty straightforward - there's a "dress rehearsal" earlier in the day so that performers and their ninjas (if they have them) can get an idea of the stage space, etc. Each performance is spaced with a bit of an intro/outro by the MC (the Roadie, usually... you'll learn about him), and lights/sound are handled by AB tech. Last year I recall that depending on your class (novice, intermediate, master) you were allowed to request a certain number of lighting changes during your skit. A word of warning: because of the acoustics of the room itself, and the volumes they tend to use, sound quality both onstage and in the audience area tends to be a bit on the garbled side. Music is more or less fine, but if you're thinking about dialogue or lip syncing of any kind, you'll want to know your timing PERFECTLY.

Backstage, you're seated in the order of performance. There's not a ton of space, but there is some room for larger props/backgrounds off to the side. You're responsible for your own stuff, but really nobody's going to mess with anyone else's things. Even personal bags are safe while you're onstage. They also usually have water and snacks for performers, things like granola bars, chips, and yogurt. After your skit you have the option to go sit in the main audience area or to remain backstage (the performer backstage seating is directly behind one of the projector screens, so you can still watch the show, even if you can't really hear the skit dialogue). Most people will take the first option because there are a ton of people running around backstage until the very end. For awards, if you win one, a staff member will get you and have you line up for the award ceremony at the very end.

Those are some of the things I remember. For the rest, you'll have to wait on this year's official rules and/or some commentary from more experienced participants. :D
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Re: Would love to do the Masquerade 2016! Need rules and help?

Post by Kiarrens » Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:04 pm

Official rules will be going live on December 1st! In the meantime I will leave this topic open so other participants can offer advice if they so wish.
You may also want to go and watch the past couple years' shows on youtube, Knash, if you want to get a good idea of what the show looks like from an audience perspective!
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