Kitsune Cosplay will be in Anime Boston!

You don't need to be in costume to post in this cosplay forum... but sometimes it helps.
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Kitsune Cosplay will be in Anime Boston!

Post by Ranoishiki » Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:49 pm

Hello Everyone! ^__^.
For all whom are looking to build a cosplay photography portfolio or just would like to come eat and chat.

Kitsune currently has a couple of open slots left for private photo shoots in the Boston Area before we relocate to our next convention!

We would like to say "Hi" to everyone and be able to meet as many people as we can!
Remember please be respectful of our cosplayers and have fun!

To schedule a private shoot, please email a demo packet consisting of a minimum of five photographs.
One does not need to be a professional, we will allow hobbyist and anime enthusiasts as well!
The main goal is to have fun after all!

Please be aware that this year, The Kitsune Theme is - Ao No Exorcist! or "Blue Exorcist"

You may email - ... 0703240807
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Re: Kitsune Cosplay will be in Anime Boston!

Post by Princess_Kaylin » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:02 pm

Meh tried the email and it guess I will just post it here.

Following sent in gmail that failed to send to the email provided
So been trying to find a way to get the monster suits I build out in the public more. It is for an independent web series based off Resident evil but I do many cosplays. I saw that you have spots and are looking for more people to fill in photo spots. I have many photos of them on my facebook account under my resident evil east cosplayers group page and many photos of my costumes on google.

So I figured I would let you choose what you wish to have me in. I am planning the following for this year as well but will not have photos for the following few till February or March.
Flynn Rider--Tangled
Roy - Doctor Who
Ezio--Assassins Creed
Hunter Alpha-Resident Evil

Philip Poillucci
Princess Celica- Fire Emblem Echoes-----Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 3
-----All Week-end --------------------------------Just during Photoshoot---

I'm new!
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Re: Kitsune Cosplay will be in Anime Boston!

Post by Ranoishiki » Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:34 am

Hello Odd,

I appreciate you bringing that email error to my attention, I'll go take a look and see what is going on with it.

The Kitsune crew currently is off for the Holidays but we will be speaking the Tuesday after. I will bring your demo packet and proposal to our breakfast meeting the following Thursday.

Just so you are aware, we have two open slots left for Male cosplayers and 2-3 more for Female cosplayers.

The original post was actually looking to see if any photographers needed demo pieces. We currently are booked in for private shoots most of Sunday and some of Saturday so we have some room left to have private shoots for our cosplayers on Friday and some of Saturday. More cosplayers in our troupe is always welcome though!

Have a great Holiday season.

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