Cosplot History/Timeline Question

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Cosplot History/Timeline Question

Post by Lynkos » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:55 am

Hey everyone!

I could have sworn I remember that under the "about" tab or general info or something on the main Anime Boston website, they used to have a summary of what occurred in the cosplot each year at Anime Boston since the cosplot started. But I just recently went looking for it and couldn't find it. I could just be stupid and not be looking in the right place, but if it was taken away for some reason, I really think that it should be added back in. I have a group of friends, who are finally planning on making the pilgrimage from way down south up to New England to attend Anime Boston, after I have been begging them for years, and I wanted to get them up to speed on the cosplot.

First of all, I said "cosplot" and they looked at me like I had six heads. So I had to explain what a "cosplot" was and then try to summarize everything that happened for the past however many years, but I couldn't remember every detail. The events page, once they go up, usually has at least what a cosplot is and what happened the year before and the general idea or theme for the current year. But I think it would be very beneficial to have a page that stays up all the time that has the definition of the cosplot and a summary of the entire ongoing storyline for people who have never attended Anime Boston are just joining it now.

Again, sorry if this is hiding somewhere on the main page or the forums. I couldn't seem to find it anywhere, and I even tried my friend google. ^_^;
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Re: Cosplot History/Timeline Question

Post by Kiarrens » Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:21 am

I checked the documents for web content for last year, here is everything that was up on the website for 2011. Interestingly enough, we only appear to have write-ups for 07 and 08, but it should be enough to give people an idea of what cosplot is:

The Cosplot - Continuing Cosplay Plotline:
Anime Boston has a continuing storyline uniting its cosplay programming. This plotline consists of a series of performances by Anime Boston attendees as well as staff, in costume and in character, enacting skits, competitions and battles to create a story connecting the Anime Dating Game, the Masquerade, Catch the Barrel and Cosplay Human Chess. Some of these events are skit performances or game shows, while others are team competitions between groups of cosplayers such as Ninjas, Pirates or Shinigami. Each separate event is complete in itself, but attendees or audience members who watch or participate in all the events get to watch their favorite characters progress and help their favorite teams to victory. The participants and events of the plotline are partly decided in advance, but the actual winners of competitions and rivalries are determined by the participants and the audience, live, as events progress.

This Year’s cosplot will combine AB2011’s “Music” theme with a “Magic vs. Science” storyline.

It is not necessary to know about past years’ events to understand this year’s, but for those who are curious, here are sample summaries of the 2007 and 2008 Cosplots:


For many years the infamous rivalry between Ninjas and Pirates has spread chaos through the anime world. In 2007 the evil Ninja organization known as Akatsuki organized a Ninja/Pirate Peace Treaty and called on representatives from both sides to sign a scroll pledging to bring peace to the halls of Anime Boston, to be ratified at the Masquerade on Saturday night. Meanwhile, certain members of Akatsuki invaded the Anime Dating Game run by the Ouran High School Host Club and broke a priceless mother-of-pearl inlaid Nintendo Wii. At a brief trial overseen by Phoenix Wright, it was decided that Akatsuki had to pay the Ouran High School Host Club back 5 million dollars by the Masquerade that night.
At the Masquerade, the Ninja and Pirate representatives met to ratify the treaty, but Akatsuki revealed that the supposed treaty scroll was really a Ninja Recruitment Scroll, and everyone who had signed it had unknowingly committed to become a Ninja. The Pirate representative retaliated by trying to take the Masquerade Director Risa Hawkeye hostage, when dozens of Ninjas rushed onto the stage eager to fight the Pirate. Disgusted by the unfair overpopulation of Ninjas relative to Pirates, Hawkeye called on Anime Boston to pass the Pirate Protection Act declaring Pirates an endangered species and forbade all Ninjas (or any others) to fight Pirates until the Pirate population had a chance to rebound. She also proposed a new rival for the Ninjas to fight: Alchemists! Meanwhile, Akatsuki failed to pay back the Ouran High School Host Club's 5 million dollars, so they were forced to perform a strip tease on stage.
The next morning at Cosplay Human Chess "Angst vs. Sugar", many Ninjas showed up eager to fight Alchemists, but Soy Fong appeared to present a demand that Shinigami be made the Ninjas’ new rivals instead of Alchemists. Roy Mustang, speaking for the Alchemists, decided to let the Ninjas’ new rivals be determined by which team, Alchemists or Shinigami, had done better at Catch the Barrel and in-the-halls competition between Ninjas, Pirates, Alchemists and Shinigami which had been going on all weekend. When the results of Catch the Barrel were read, the Shinigami had trounced the Alchemists and nearly defeated the Ninjas. Roy Mustang was outraged and demanded a rematch, so it was decided that at the end of the Chess match the audience should cheer for which team they thought deserved to be the Ninjas’ new rivals, Alchemists or Shinigami, while the losing team as punishment would have to accept an ignominious rival: the Ouran High School Host Club. In the end, the audience chose the Shinigami as the Ninjas’ new rivals and Tamaki of the Ouran High School Host Club bribed Roy Mustang by offering him hot chicks. In return Roy not only accepted the Hosts as the Alchemists’ new rivals but declared Tamaki’s Sugar team the winners of the "Angst vs. Sugar" Cosplay Human Chess Match.
So, as it stood at the end of the year, the rivalries are Ninjas vs. Shinigami, Alchemists vs. Hosts, Pirates were protected as an endangered species, and the evil Akatsuki were plotting their next strike...


In 2008, Catch the Barrel became an epic battle between Good vs. Evil. Each of the team barrels (Ninjas, Shinigami, Alchemists and School Clubs) contained that team’s Secret Super-Weapon, and the Akatsuki Union of Evil tried to unite all villains of anime to get all the barrels. Meanwhile, the rivalries between Ninjas and Shinigami and Alchemists and School Clubs still raged strong. Pirates were still considered an endangered species and forbidden to fight.
At the Dating Game, representatives of the Akatsuki Union of Evil burst in and kidnapped several participants, threatening to kill them unless they were allowed to make an announcement at the Masquerade. The Good Guys were prevented from stopping Akatsuki because of friction between the younger and older members of each group, with Naruto and Ed Elric too busy yelling at Jiraiya and Roy Mustang to fight the bad guys.
Akatsuki’s demands were met, and at the Masquerade Saturday night they announced that they had broken into the press office and had them print evil snake summoning symbols in every copy of the Catch the Barrel Fliers. They then threatened to activate them all and flood the convention center with poisonous snakes (Snakes at a Con!). After a few moments, the representatives of Evil started to look awkward, and said that they were expecting good guys to come attack them now, but none came forward. The Akatsuki explained that their real goal was to get the good guys to attack them, since Good had been ignoring Evil and fighting over the team rivalries instead, leaving Evil feeling unwanted. Representatives of the Ninjas, Alchemists, Shinigami and School Clubs came on and agreed to put aside their rivalries and fight Evil at Chess in a grand Good vs. Evil match.
When Chess began on Sunday, Evil arrived ready to fight, but the Good team refused. They said that they weren’t interested in fighting evil, and instead wanted to have a Kids vs. Grownups chess match, with Shinji and Gendo Ikari (Evangelion) as the chess players. Evil was outraged, and as the match continued Evil kept trying to burst in and fight Good, but Good refused. Several Good team members were also frustrated by this, and quit the Good team, forming “Team Sit In The Corner And Sulk,” (SITCAS) led by Sasuke (Naruto). In the end, most of the good guys killed each other off in the chess match, and Akatsuki rushed in and captured the survivors. It looked like Evil would triumph forever when the Pirates and Team SITCAS rushed in to the rescue. The Pirates and Team SITCAS defeated Evil and saved Anime Boston – as a reward, the Pirate Fighting Ban was lifted and Pirates are now free to fight at Anime Boston again.
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